Changing your subscription plan

Upgrading or downgrading your Fathom subscription level

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Upgrading and downgrading

Fathom billing occurs once a month and you are able to change your subscription plan at any time before the next billing date.

Upgrades will occur automatically to ensure you remain on the optimal plan as you add companies to your Fathom account.

Downgrades do not occur automatically as users often wish to retain available company slots even when they delete or remove a company from their Fathom account.

Therefore, if you delete or remove a company to decrease the amount of billable companies on your Fathom account, you will want to change your subscription plan as well.

Changing your subscription plan

Only the 'Account Owner' has the necessary permissions to access the 'Account/Billing' page and change the Fathom subscription.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Account ownership can be easily transferred from the Account Owner to any other Admin on a Fathom account.

To change your Fathom subscription:

  1. From the 'My Companies' page, select the 'Cog/Gear' icon in the upper right corner on the top black bar

  2. From the drop down, select 'Account/Billing'

3. Select 'View or change plan'

4. From here, you will be able to select a new subscription plan

5. Select the green 'Change Plan' button

❗Note: If you are downgrading your Fathom plan, you will first need to delete any companies that you do not wish to include in your Fathom subscription.

Custom Plans

If you've been given a custom plan code, then you will have the opportunity to enter that code once you've selected to 'View or change plan':

  1. In the menu that opens, simply select 'I have a custom plan code'

  2. Enter the code provided to you

  3. Select 'Submit'

  4. Select the green 'Change Plan' button

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