While using Fathom, you are able to create non-financial KPIs to track metrics that aren't available from your Profit & Loss statement or Balance Sheet.

This is useful if you wish to bring in external sales, operational, or other metrics that would help in the analysis of your business performance.

Once you have created your non-financial KPIs within Fathom, you can then upload the data for them via Excel. You will only need to upload a single Excel sheet for all of your non-financial KPIs across multiple time periods.

Importing non-financial data from Excel

From the 'My Companies' screen, hover your mouse over the company file and click 'Settings'.

In 'Step 1 - Update data', scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click 'Import from Excel' under the heading for Non-financials.

Guidelines for importing

In the following screen, we have several options to assist you to create your Excel file.

Under the heading 'Guidelines', we provide a set of key requirements for your non-financial Excel import file.

For a full set of guidelines, download the Import Guidelines located at the bottom of the screen.

We also recommend downloading an Import Template (.xlsx) to assist you with your import. When downloaded, all of your created non-financial KPIs will be listed out in Column A.

The Import Template (including existing data) contains all non-financial data that you have previously entered.

Uploading your Excel file

Once you have created your non-financial Excel file, you can now upload it to Fathom.

To do so, click 'Choose a file to upload' at the top of the screen.

Note: You can only upload numerical values for non-financial KPIs.

Updating your non-financial data from Excel

The recommended way to update your non-financial data using Excel is to maintain a single Excel sheet that contains all periods of historical data. As a new period comes around, simply add a new column to the end of your Excel sheet with the new data, and upload.

This allows you to manage all periods from a single spreadsheet, and can easily make prior period adjustments if required.

Alternatively, you can choose to only upload data for new periods to add on to existing data. Any data for periods not referenced in the upload will not be changed in Fathom.

Example Import File

Example non-financial import file (monthly)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I leave a cell blank?

If you upload an excel file and some of the results are left blank, this is recognised in Fathom as 'No Result' for the period in question. We do not automatically substitute the value zero, because 'No Result' is a valid value for many KPIs. It will often appear as blank or a dash.

If this custom KPI and  is used as part of a Formula KPI then the KPI will not be calculated.

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