In 'Step 6: Alerts', you can set alert thresholds for certain KPIs. An alert threshold represents a critical level which may indicate that the business is experiencing financial stress in a given area.

As an example, an alert may trigger when 'Accounts Receivable Days' exceed a specific result, or when the cash held by the business drops below a certain amount.

Each alert can either be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’. For those that are turned 'on', you can specify an alert threshold.

When an alert is triggered, a notification appears within the Fathom analysis tools and reports. Alerts are visible in the KPI Analysis tools as well as the Alerts dashboard (within a benchmark group).

The company settings have now been updated. Click on 'View Analysis' to access the company analysis. This might also be a great time to Share Access with teammates (or clients) so they are able to view the company in Fathom.

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