The Business Roadmap is a timeline view of your microforecasts. The interface for the business roadmap allows you to do more than simply view your upcoming initiatives. From the Business Roadmap you can add, manage, and edit microforecasts and change their start date by simply sliding the applicable microforecast block.

The Business Roadmap also determines your cash position or other Quick Metrics. As you make changes to your business roadmap you will see your cash position and key business metrics update. This allows you to explore pathways and better understand the impact of each microforecast event or action.

From the Business Roadmap interface you have access to several contextual management capabilities. You can drop and drag your microforecasts to immediately see their impact on your forecast and Quick Metrics.

You can remove, rename or change the color of entire categories by hovering over the category name and using the ‘three dot’ more options menu. You’re also able to create a microforecast directly from the roadmap by hitting the green ‘+’, and defining the event and its financial impacts.

It’s worth noting that any movement to a microforecast on the Business roadmap will change the start date of the microforecast in your baseline forecast or scenario (whichever layer you are viewing).

Scenarios in the Business Roadmap

There are two ways to apply scenarios to your Business Roadmap. The first is to use the ‘Thought Bubble’ icon in the upper right hand corner. Here you can select between scenarios and apply them to view the changes to your financials.

You can also use the ‘Thought Bubble’ icon on the left-side navigation bar to open the scenarios panel. From here, you can create or select the scenario that you’d like to apply to the Business Roadmap.

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