Changing your account owner

Transferring ownership of your organisation to another user

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How to change the account owner

By default, the person who subscribes to Fathom will become the 'account owner'.

The account owner can update billing information, change plans, and view usage information. There can only be one account owner per Fathom organisation. 

If required, you can transfer this ownership to another member of your organisation by:

  1. Login to Fathom as the existing account owner.

  2. Click the 'Cog/Gear' icon on the top black bar in the upper right corner

  3. Go to the 'Account / Billing'

  4. Under the 'Transfer My Account' dropdown, you can select your new account owner.

    Note: You can only transfer account ownership to admin-level users.

What if the account owner has left the company?

The easiest way to resolve this scenario is to have another user with ‘Administrator’ access become the account holder. This may be an existing administrator or, if the desired user has not yet been invited to Fathom, an existing administrator should invite the new administrator.

Once you have setup the desired user as an ‘Administrator’ please email from an existing administrator’s email address and let us know that you would like someone else to be the account holder.

If there are no longer any administrators with a login to Fathom, you should ask your IT department if they can forward or intercept the previous administrator’s email. If this is possible, go to the login page and choose to reset the password for the previous administrator’s email address. From here you should be able to login, create another administrator and transfer ownership of the account.

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