KPIs in a Benchmark Group

Step 3 - Selecting and setting up key metrics in your benchmark group

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Selecting KPIs for comparison and ranking

In ‘Step 3 - KPIs’ for a benchmark group, you can specify which KPIs, or key performance indicators, you wish to include in your benchmark analysis.

For example, you may wish to exclude financial KPIs and limit the analysis to only non-financial KPIs. Or perhaps you wish to limit the KPIs reported in the benchmarking analysis and reporting to a small set of the KPIs which each underlying company in the group tracks.

Simply click the '+' icon next to each KPI to include it.

Using custom KPIs in a benchmark group

You are not able to create custom KPIs in a benchmark group. Custom KPIs must first be created at the individual company level and then added to the KPI Library. They will then be available for selection in the benchmark group.

To add a custom KPI to the KPI Library:

  1. Go to ‘Step 4 - KPIs’ in one of the underlying companies in the benchmark group. If the group has not yet been created, then go to one of the underlying companies that will be in the group.

  2. Select the option to create a custom KPI. Choose to create a non-financial, account watch, or formula KPI.

  3. While creating the KPI, check the box to ‘Add this to your KPI Library’

    Note: Only Admin level users will be able to add KPIs to the KPI Library.

  4. Finish creating the custom KPI

You’ll need to add the custom KPI to the KPI Library in at least one of the underlying companies of the benchmark group. Once the group is created, the KPI will automatically flow through all of the underlying companies and into the benchmark group.

Selecting the primary metric for the compare tool

In ‘Step 4 - KPIs’ in the group, you’re also able to choose which KPI should represent the dot size in the compare tool. The dot size allows for you to always keep track of the results for the primary metric even when comparing across all other metrics in the compare tool.

Next steps

Congratulations on selecting KPIs for your benchmark group! Continue the 'Benchmark Group Creation Workflow' to finish setting up your benchmark group for analysis and additional reporting options by choosing from one of the next steps below:

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