Step 3 - Select KPIs

Next, you can specify which KPIs you wish to include in this benchmark analysis. For example, you may wish to exclude financial KPIs and limit the analysis to only non-financial KPIs. Or perhaps you wish to limit the KPIs reported in the benchmarking to a small set of the KPIs which each company tracks.

Simply click the '+' icon next to each KPI to include it.

Note: You cannot create KPIs in a Benchmark group. To create a KPI to use in a Benchmark Analysis, you will need to create the KPI in 'Step 4 - KPIs' of the company settings of one of the underlying companies, and add it to the KPI library.

From this step, you can also choose which KPI should represent the dot size in the compare tool. The dot size allows for a core benchmark metric even when comparing across all other metrics.

When you have finished selecting KPIs for benchmarking, please proceed to ‘Step 4’ of the benchmark group Settings.

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