Permissions in a Benchmark Group

Step 4 - Setting user permissions in a benchmark group

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Granting access to a benchmark group

In ‘Step 4 - Permissions’ of a benchmark group’s Settings, you can specify the people who should have access to the benchmark group.

To give a user access to a benchmark group:

  1. Click the drop-down menu and select a user

  2. Save Changes

If a user is not listed on the dropdown menu, they may not have sufficient permissions to view the Benchmark Group or they may not have been invited into the Fathom organisation housing the benchmark group.

To adjust a user’s permissions or invite in another user, select the ‘Cog/Gear’ icon in the black bar at the top right of your Fathom screen. Select ‘User Management’ from the drop down menu. From here, you can invite in other users to the Fathom organisation or adjust the permissions for a user.

Note: Admin level users will have access to all Benchmark Groups

When access has been granted to a benchmark group, a person will be able to access the group on their 'My Companies' screen. This person will also be able to access the compare, rank and alerts analysis tools for the benchmark group.

Granting access from the ‘My Companies’ page

You can alsomanage user access to a group by clicking the three dots at the end of the company row on the ‘My Companies’ page and then selecting 'Share'.

Permissions in a benchmark group

If a user has a ‘Viewer’ or ‘Client’ level role in the Fathom organisation, and they do not have any advanced ‘Setup’ permissions, then they will be granted ‘View only’ access when invited to a benchmark group. This means that they will only be able to view the analysis tools for the benchmark group and will not be able to edit the group’s Settings.

You can read about advanced permissions in more detail in our ‘Advanced User Permissions’ article.

If a viewer has an ‘Editor’, ‘Advisor’, or ‘Admin’ level role in the Fathom organisation, they will have ‘view and edit’ permissions in the benchmark group. This means that they will be able to view the analysis tools for the group and edit the group’s Settings.

Note: 'Editor' or 'Advisor' level users must be granted access to all companies in a Benchmark Group to be able to edit the group's Settings.

You can determine the type of role a user has by clicking on the ‘Cog/Gear’ icon in the top black bar on your Fathom page and selecting ‘User Management’. You can learn more about this in our ‘Manage User Access’ article.

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Congratulations on setting up permissions for your benchmark group! Continue the 'Benchmark Group Creation Workflow' to finish setting up your benchmark group for analysis and additional reporting options, by choosing from one of the next steps below:

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Determine the privacy levels in a benchmark group and the information visible in the analysis tools for the group

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