What are 'Non-Financial KPIs'?

Non-financials KPIs can be customised to suit any business or industry. You can define your own or select from a range of recommended non-financial KPIs.  

For example, you could create KPIs to help monitor the efficiency of business operations, track customer service levels, measure staff performance, monitor the effectiveness sales & marketing activities and there are many other applications.

At present, non-financial results can be added manually or via Excel. There are no direct integrations with non-financial data sources (i.e POS, inventory management, CRM or marketing systems). 

Adding non-financial results

NOTE: Before importing or adding results for non-financial KPIs, please ensure that you have selected or created the non-financial KPIs which are relevant for your business. Go to 'Setup' for a company and in 'Step 4: KPIs' click on the 'Create a KPI' button.

Unlike financial KPIs, result data for non-financial KPIs is not sourced directly from your accounting system.

After you have created your non-financial KPIs (see above Note), there are two options for importing non-financial KPI results. You can manually enter the results into Fathom or you can import results via Excel.

Add non-financial KPI results manually

To manually key results directly into Fathom go to 'Setup' for a company, then in 'Step 1 - Update data' click on 'Add Results' under the heading for 'Non-Financials'.

Importing non-financial KPI results from Excel

You can use Excel to maintain, import and update non-financial results in Fathom. 

More detail can be found in this help article.

Targets for Non-Financial data

You are able to input target data for non-financial KPIs in 'Step 5 - Targets' of the setup process.

Target data can only be inputted manually. There is currently no option to import target data for Non-financials via Excel.

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