All of the reports that you are familiar with in a single company are also available for a consolidated group

Consolidated PDF Reports

You can add a consolidated financial statement by company to a custom report. To add this financial statement to a custom report, go to 'add a new component' and select 'tables & financials', then select 'Financials by Company' from the selector menu:

Once added, the statement will look like this:

'Edit' the financial statement by double clicking to select which companies are displayed in the table, and which methodology is used to display eliminations.

Consolidated Excel Reports

Side by side consolidated financial results

The consolidated financial results are also valuable reports for consolidated groups. This report provides a side-by-side view of your companies along with the consolidated financial statements. This report also includes the eliminations in your consolidated group, and presents the exchange rates used (if applicable).

This report can be accessed via the 'Reports' section in Fathom, under 'Excel Reports'. See the 'Consolidated Financial Results, including eliminations' or 'Multi-currency Consolidated Financial Results, including eliminations' report.

Inter-company eliminations and exchange rate adjustments (if applicable) are also displayed.

The comments provide a helpful way to view the amounts before or after translation.

Side by side consolidated budget results

The same report can be downloaded to show the side-by-side view of the budgets coming from each underlying entity. The report is useful for auditing the consolidated budget figures, and viewing the impact of any eliminations or translated amounts to the underlying budgets.

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