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Step 2 - Changing the group name, customizing and setting exchange rates, adding a group logo

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Your consolidated group’s profile

In 'Step 2 - Group Profile' you’ll find the options to change the name of the group, add a logo to the group, edit the default rates, and edit the exchange rates for multi-currency groups.

The default rates you set for the group will be factored into a few specific default KPIs, and can be added as variables in any custom KPIs you create.

Re-naming a group

If required, you can edit the name of the group here as well as on the group’s landing page. This is useful if you wish to change the presentation of the group name in reports.

Changing the terminology for a group

The terminology for a consolidated group determines the vocabulary used for the group in the reports, forecast, analysis tools, and settings. For example, a nonprofit consolidation may wish to use specific nonprofit terminology, such as 'Net Assets' instead of 'Equity'.

When you create your group, the terminology will be set based on the default terminology for your Fathom organisation.

You can change the terminology for the group by using the dropdown menu. If you have specific industry, regional, or organisational reporting standards, you can also create a custom terminology to select for the group.

Please see our 'Custom Terminology' article to learn more about the available terminologies and custom terminology creation.

Adding a group logo

You can add a group-specific logo by clicking the 'Add Logo' button. You can then include this logo in reports for the group.

Notice: Files uploaded for logos must be .png, .pjg, or .svg files only and must be smaller than 300 (width) x 150 (height) pixels and less than 256KB in size.

For more detailed information on this please see: 'Adding your logo to Fathom'

Default Rates

You can set the default rates (i.e. tax rate, interest rate and cost of capital) for your consolidated group. These default rates will be factored into a few specific default KPIs and can be added as variables in any custom group KPIs you create.

Changing a multi-currency group’s exchange rates

By default, Fathom will use exchange rates sourced from Open Exchange Rates to translate the financials for the multi-currency consolidated group. If you’re working with a multi-currency consolidation, you’ll be able to input custom exchange rates for the group, if desired.

For more information about our default exchange rates and how to customise the exchange rates for a multi-currency consolidation, please see our ‘Using Exchange Rates in Fathom’ article.

For more information about the methodology Fathom uses to apply exchange rates to the underlying companies and translate their financial statements, please see our ‘Multi-currency Consolidation Methodology’ article.

💡Pro Tip: If you want to change the presentation currency for a multi-currency consolidated group, you can do so in ‘Step 1 - Update Data’ by selecting ‘manage group’.

Next Steps

Congratulations on setting up your group profile! Any decisions you make in your profile can be changed later on if needed. Finish setting up your consolidated group for analysis, reporting, and forecasting by choosing from one of the next steps below:

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