As you edit or create new value rules or timing profiles, you can add commentary to these rules. This allows you to note why you chose that particular value rule or timing profile for an account, heading, or classification. These forecast assumptions allow you to document and explain the most critical assumptions you have made when generating your forecast and help to substantiate the resulting numbers.

You can also include these notes or forecast assumptions in a Fathom report.

Creating an assumption

To add a note or assumption for a value rule or timing profile:

  1. Click on the specific account/heading/classification the value rule or timing profile impacts

  2. In the preferences menu that opens to the right, click on the ‘Baseline’

  3. Select the ‘three dots’ icon to the left of the value rule or timing profile

  4. Choose to edit the rule or add a new rule

  5. In the new menu that opens, scroll down to the text box where you can type in your commentary

  6. If you want to include this commentary in a report, check the option to ‘Include in Assumptions report’ that appears just underneath the text box

Adding assumptions to a report

You have a few options to include assumptions in your report. You can simply add an assumptions table from the forecasting tables options or you can add a page of several assumptions related tables to your report.

An Assumptions Table will detail any value rule, timing profile, and tax rule assumptions you have made in your forecast. If you have added commentary and chosen to include it in the assumptions report, then that commentary will also show in this table.

To add an assumptions table to a report:

  1. Select ‘Tables and Financials’ in the left-side navigation bar in a Fathom report.

  2. Click on the second bolded word option at the top of the menu that opens.

  3. Choose ‘Forecasting from the drop down menu.

  4. Select the ‘Assumptions’ table

Alternatively, you can add an 'Assumptions Page' to your report. This will add a section with multiple tables to your report, including:

  • Assumptions Table: Value rule, timing profile, tax rules assumptions and any commentary selected to be added to the report.

  • Drivers Table: Displays any drivers or non-financial metrics that you’ve added and their amounts.

  • Adjustments: Any opening adjustments made in ‘Step 1 - Update Data’ of the company Settings

To add an Assumptions Page to a report:

  1. Select ‘Page Layouts’ from the content library on the left-side

  2. Click the bold filter at the top of the menu that opens

  3. Choose ‘Forecasting’ from the drop down menu

  4. Choose the desired assumptions page orientation (portrait or landscape)

Note: If an assumption is not documented in the reports, return to the forecast main grid to ensure that it has been included in the Assumptions report from the Value and Timing Profiles editing panel.

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