Throughout Fathom forecasting, you are able to see the immediate effects of any changes made to the baseline, scenarios, or business roadmap on your ‘Quick Metrics’ bar. Quick Metrics give instant insight into the change and movement in your most high impact KPIs or Key Performance Indicators.

These metrics can be found at the bottom of the forecast screen. The Quick Metrics bar consists of a primary metric that is always displayed as well as some secondary metrics, all of which can be configured by you and can be viewed by using the arrow to expand the bar. As a default, the primary metric will be set to ‘Cash on Hand’ and the threshold for green and red performance display will be set to $10,000.

Configure your Quick Metrics

To change or configure your quick metrics:

  1. Use the arrow on the right hand side of the ‘Cash on Hand’ metric, or your chosen primary metric, to expand the quick metrics bar.

  2. Click on the ‘Edit Metrics’ option to open the configuration sidebar from the right hand side.

  3. You can then add or change your metrics and threshold values.

To set a secondary metric as the primary metric, hover over the metric in the configuration menu and use the three dot ‘more options’ menu to set it as the primary metric. You can also remove the metric from the quick metrics bar from this menu.

Note: You’re able to pin up to 5 metrics to the quick metrics bar.

The following metrics can be configured to the quick metrics bar:

Gross Profit

Operating Profit


Retained Income

Profitability Ratio

Debt to Equity

Current Ratio

Quick Ratio

Return on Equity

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