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Tracking key metrics and KPIs in your Fathom forecast

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The Quick Metrics bar

On the Quick Metrics bar, you are able to see the immediate effects of any forecasting decisions changes made in the baseline forecast, scenarios, or business roadmap. Quick Metrics give instant insight into the change and movement in your most high impact KPIs or Key Performance Indicators.

These metrics can be found at the bottom of the forecast screen. The Quick Metrics bar consists of a primary metric that is always displayed as well as some secondary metrics, all of which can be configured by you and can be viewed by using the arrow to expand the bar.

💡Pro Tip: As a default, the primary metric will be set to ‘Cash on Hand’ and the threshold for green and red performance display will be set to $10,000. This performance threshold is arbitrary and will likely need to be tailored to the individual business or consolidated group.

Customising your Quick Metrics

To change or configure your quick metrics:

  1. Use the ‘^’ icon on the right hand side of the ‘Cash on Hand’ metric, or your chosen primary metric, to expand the Quick Metrics bar at the bottom of the main forecasting grid.

  2. Click on the ‘Edit Metrics’ option to open the configuration sidebar from the right hand side.

  3. To add a metric, select the ‘Add metric’ option and then choose from the list of metrics and KPIs

    Note: You’re able to pin up to 5 metrics to the quick metrics bar.

  4. To remove a metric from the Quick Metrics bar, hover over the metric in the configuration menu and select the ‘Three dot’ icon that appears. Select the ‘Remove’ option.

  5. To change the performance threshold for a metric, hover over the metric and select the ‘Pencil’ icon. Type in the desired performance threshold or leave the threshold option blank.

  6. To set a secondary metric as the primary metric, hover over the metric in the configuration menu and grab it. Drag it to the top of the metric list to set it as the primary metric.

You’re able to add custom KPIs you’ve created to the Quick Metrics bar as long as they are not non-financial KPIs or formula KPIs with non-financial KPI variables in the formula.

Viewing a chart of the Quick Metrics

You're able to view a chart of each quick metric instead of the number set, if you prefer a more visual representation of the Quick Metrics bar data. To do so,

  1. Expand the Quick Metrics bar by selecting the '^' icon next to the primary quick metric

  2. Next to the name of each metric, you will see a small chart icon. Select the icon to 'Show chart'

  3. To return to the data table, you can select the chart icon again to 'Hide chart'

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