You can access the 'Print Settings' for a report by editing the report and clicking on 'Edit Header'.

To customise your PDF, make sure you are on the 'Print' tab and rather than the 'Online' tab.

You can adjust the following settings.

Cover Page Orientation

Switch between portrait and landscape orientation.


Adjust the text alignment to LEFT or CENTRE, and switch between light and dark title text.


You can fill the cover page with a colour fill, image fill, or just leave it blank. A color fill or image fill can be set to a full-page or half-page.


There are 4 logo options

Show date of publishing

Show the date the report is published

Show page numbers

Display page numbers at the bottom right of the PDF report

Show footer

Display your own customised footer text. You can use {{CompanyName}} and {{PeriodName}} as placeholders in the footer.

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