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Why do the numbers in my PDF report not match the online version?
Why do the numbers in my PDF report not match the online version?

Some values may be rounded due to space limitations in a PDF report

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Why are the values rounded in my PDF report but not my online report?

In the online version of a Fathom report, there is more space compared to the PDF version of a report. This means that some values may need to be rounded to display properly in the PDF version of a report.

For example, the online report may have $1,450,000 listed for Net Income. In the PDF version, the value would be rounded to $1.45M instead.

To prevent the rounding of values in the PDF version of a report, the font size will automatically be decreased for an impacted table or financial statement. If the entire value still cannot be displayed after the font size is decreased, then the impacted values will be rounded.

💡 Pro Tip: If you would prefer the values be rounded instead of the font size decreased, then you can turn on the option to round the values in the table or financial statement.

How can I get the values to match exactly in my PDF and online reports?

To ensure the values in the PDF and online versions of a report match exactly, you could:

What if I don't want the numbers to be rounded in the PDF report?

Changing the section orientation to 'Landscape' instead of 'Portrait' will sometimes resolve rounding issues and allow the unrounded values to be displayed in the PDF report.

To change the orientation of a section,

  1. Go to the section title and hover over it

  2. To the far right of the title, click the 'Portrait' option

  3. The 'Portrait' option should switch to 'Landscape'

  4. Re-download the PDF report to view the changes

In some instances, there may still not be enough room to display the unrounded values in the PDF version of a report.

If the values must be rounded in the PDF report due to space limitations, then you can round the numbers in the online version of the report as well so that the values in the two reports match exactly.

Rounding the values in the online report

To round the values in a table or financial statement so the online and PDF report versions match exactly,

  1. Hover over the table or financial statement and 'double-click' the table or select the green 'Pencil' icon that appears in the top right corner of the table

  2. In the table's 'Properties' menu that opens on the right, scroll down to the 'Currency formatting' section.

  3. Check the option to 'Display rounded figures'

  4. Choose to round the values in the table to the thousands, millions, or billions with the drop down menu

  5. Select the green 'Apply changes' button at the bottom of the 'Properties' menu to ensure changes are saved

  6. Re-download the PDF report to see the updated changes in the PDF version.

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