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How do I add a logo to my report?
How do I add a logo to my report?

Add your own organisations logo or clients logo to a report

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Importing a logo into Fathom

Before you add a logo to a report, you'll need to import the logo into Fathom. You can import two types of logos into Fathom:

  • A company-specific logo can be imported for each client or company file in your Fathom organisation. This logo can be used in reports for that company.

  • An organisation logo can be imported to replace the Fathom logo on the 'My Companies' page and to use in reports.

πŸ“ Note: Files uploaded for logos must be .png, .pjg, or .svg files only and must be smaller than 300 x 150 pixels and less than 256KB in size.

Adding a logo to a report

Once the logo has been imported to the Company or Organisation Profile, you can add a logo for both online and print headers in your report.

  1. Hover over the report and select the 'Pencil' icon to open the Report Editor and edit the report.

  2. Hover over the top of the report and select 'Edit Header'

  3. Under the 'Logo' section, choose a logo from the drop-down menu

    πŸ“ Note: Fathom enables you to choose different logos and formatting options for the Online and Print versions of a report. Ensure you have chosen the appropriate logo for each version by selecting the 'Online' and 'Print' options at the top of the Header editing menu.

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