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How do I add a logo to my report?
How do I add a logo to my report?
Add your own organisations logo or clients logo to a report
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You can set your organisation or company logo in organisation settings for your account by clicking on the 'Cog Icon' in the upper right corner of the 'My Companies' page.

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You can set your client's logo in Step 2 of the company set up. Then, choose which logo is used in the header properties for your report or template. 

Note: Files uploaded for logos must be .png, .pjg, or .svg files only and must be smaller than 300 x 150 pixels and less than 256KB in size.

Adding a logo to a report

You can add a logo for both online and print headers in your report. The Report Editor allows for different logos and headers to be used, depending on the delivery method for the report, so it's important to ensure that when editing the header, you've formatted both the "print" and "online" versions accordingly. 

Select your logo from the 'more options' icon:

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