Branding Fathom

The Fathom dashboard (My Companies screen) and all reports (both online and PDF) can be customised with your logo and branding. Fathom supports a single Organisation logo, as well as individual company logo.

Go to Organisation Settings from the admin menu in the top right, then the ‘Branding’ section click 'Add Logo'. 

Requirements (all of these requirements must be met):

  • File Type: .png, .jpg or .svg file and

  • File Size: Smaller than 256KB and

  • Image Dimensions: Less than 300 x 150 pixels 

❗ Note: This setting is only available for 'Admin' level users. If you are not currently an 'Admin' user, you can request Admin access from your current Account Owner.

If you attempt to import your logo and you receive an error message, please confirm that the image you are attempting to import is a png, .jpg or .svg file file type which is smaller than 256KB file size and dimensions less than 300 x 150 pixels in size.

The logo added to 'Organisation Settings' will automatically replace the Fathom logo on your "My Companies" home screen, as well as on all PDF reports downloaded from the analysis tools. It will also be available for use in white labelling any of your custom reports and templates. 

You can find more information about white labelling your reports in this article

If you are working with multiple companies in your account, you can also upload a company-specific logo for each individual client or company file. The logo can be added to any report created for this specific company. This logo will not display on your dashboard (the My companies screen).

In 'Step 2 - Company Profile' in the company settings, click 'Add Logo'

You can find more information about white labelling your reports in this article

If you need any assistance adding your own logo to Fathom, please contact our support team via the in-app messenger in the bottom right corner of the Fathom App, or via email.

If you are looking for white labelling beyond the free included features, we provide additional white labelling services to brand Fathom's online experience. This includes a custom branded login portal, custom subdomain, custom branded emails, and more. Please reach out to our support team for more information!

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