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Single Sign On for Xero & QuickBooks
Single Sign On for Xero & QuickBooks

Fathom allows users to enable SSO with Xero or Intuit QuickBooks

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Setting up & using Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) enables you to use a single login to sign into multiple platforms. Fathom allows you to authorise Xero and/or Intuit QuickBooks SSO for your Fathom account so you can log in to Fathom with your Xero or Intuit credentials.

To set up SSO on your Fathom account, simply go to the Fathom login page ( From there,

  1. Select either the Xero or Intuit (QuickBooks) SSO option under the regular ‘Log in’ button

  2. Depending on the option you selected, you’ll be taken to either the Xero or Intuit/QuickBooks login page and be asked to log in

  3. Once you’ve logged in to your Xero or Intuit, you’ll be taken back to Fathom and asked to enter in your email associated with your Fathom account. Select ‘Next step’.

    💡Pro tip: The email will be auto-filled with your Xero or Intuit credentials, but you can enter in another email.

  4. Fathom will send a One Time Code (OTC) to the email you entered. Copy this OTC from your email and enter it to set up your SSO.

    💡Pro tip: The email will be from If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. You can also select the option to ‘Resend code’.

  5. Once you’ve entered in the correct code, you will be taken to Fathom and your SSO setup will be complete.

After setting up your SSO, you’re able to select the SSO option when logging into Fathom instead of having to enter your Fathom credentials.

Not receiving the One Time Code email or it isn’t working?

If you’ve checked your email and have not received the code, then please go over the following:

  1. Check your spam folder

  2. Search for an email from

  3. Make sure the email you’re checking is the email the code was sent to

  4. Select the option to resend the code

If you’ve received the code, but it isn’t working, then:

  1. Select the option to resend the code

  2. Make sure the code you’re copying is the most recently received code

  3. Try copying and pasting the code instead of typing it

Removing SSO

If you need to remove the SSO for your Fathom account, then you can do so from your ‘Profile Settings’.

  1. From the ‘My Companies’ page, select the ‘Person’ icon in the top right corner of the page

  2. Select ‘Change my details’

  3. In the ‘Logins’ section, find the SSO.

  4. Select the ‘Three dot’ icon in the right of the row

  5. Choose ‘Unlink’

Additional knowledge & common questions:

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