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Set up two-factor authentication
Set up two-factor authentication

Configure 2FA for extra security

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Getting Started with 2FA

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra level of security for your Fathom login by requiring an authentication code as well as your email address and password.

Before you set it up for your Fathom login, make sure you know what 2FA is and how to use it.

If you've already enabled 2FA, but have a new phone or another device, move 2FA to your new authentication device.

Download and install an authenticator app

Before you can set up 2FA on your account, you’ll need to download and install an authentication app on your device. Fathom2FA can be used with most Time-Based, One-Time Password (TOTP) applications.

If you don't already have one, we recommend one of the following, which are all free to download and use:

  • Google Authenticator (Google Accounts Help Center) for Android devices, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and BlackBerry devices

  • Authy (Authy website) for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac computers and Windows computers

  • Microsoft Authenticator (Microsoft Store)

To set up the authenticator app:

  1. Download and install an authenticator app from your device’s app store.

  2. Follow the installation instructions provided for your device to add an account.

Turn on 2FA in your account

For some users, 2FA will be mandatory, either because your account owner has enforced its use or you have access to financial data from a region or country that requires 2FA.

If it is required you may be asked to configure 2FA after logging in with your username and password, otherwise, you can configure it in your account details. In either case, the steps are the same.

  1. Login to Fathom and go to 'Change My Details' in the top right.

  2. Choose 'Setup 2FA'; a 'QR' code will appear.

  3. In your authenticator app, add a new account. For most apps you can tap the '+' icon. If you are using Authy, click 'Add Account'.

  4. Scan the QR code by using your device's camera. If you prefer, you can choose to enter the code by hand.

  5. Enter the authentication code provided by your authenticator app into Fathom, then click Next.

    Note: If your authentication code is not working, it may be caused by the time on your device being out of sync with Fathom. Fathom uses an automatic service to set the time (as do a majority of providers), so we recommend that you let your network provider set the time for your device automatically.

You will need to set up at least one alternative method to use for account recovery. Fathom offers email or SMS. These alternative methods are only available as backups. You cannot use email or SMS to obtain your primary 2FA code.


You must use a different email than your primary email. If using Fathom for business, many people will use their personal email for this purpose.

  1. Enter your backup email

  2. You will be emailed a verification code.

  3. Retrieve the code from your email and enter it into Fathom.


You can use SMS as an alternative method for account recovery.

  1. Choose your country and enter your phone number.

  2. You will be sent a 6-digit code via text/SMS.

  3. Enter it into Fathom.

After you turn on 2FA

You're now set up to use two-factor authentication. The next time you log in to Fathom you will be asked for a 6-digit code from your authenticator app.

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