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FAQ: I can see the Forecasting Icon, but am not able to access the tool?
FAQ: I can see the Forecasting Icon, but am not able to access the tool?
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There are two requirements to be able to access Fathom Forecasting for a connected company

  1. The company must have at least one period of both the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet imported from a source system

  2. The connected company must be importing data on a monthly basis, companies who are currently importing only quarterly or annual periods, are not able to forecast.

Note: If you are not able to see the ‘Forecast’ icon, you may need to have your Fathom ‘User Permissions’ updated. Your Fathom account Administrator is able to update your access.

Upload a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

If the connected company that you are working in does not have both a Profit Loss and Balance Sheet, you will want to go ahead and import the statement from your source system into Fathom in ‘Step 1 - Update Data’ of your company’s Settings.

Even if there is no data in the statement (i.e. all $0’s), you will want to import the chart of accounts data into Fathom. Once these line items are imported into Fathom, you’re able to forecast.

This is because our Forecasting tool calculates an indirect method 3-way forecast, meaning that we read changes in your P&L and Balance Sheet accounts in order to forecast your cash balance into the future. To read more about the indirect method, please see this article.

Monthly Data Import

Fathom allows you to connect companies with Monthly, Quarterly or Annual data collection and import periods. In order to utilise Fathom’s forecasting tool, you will want to ensure that your connected company has monthly data imported in order to forecast in Fathom.

If you are currently trying to forecast on a quarterly or annual company, you will want to delete and reconnect the company with monthly data upon import. To read more about importing data into fathom from your source system, please refer to the following collection.

If you have fulfilled the following two criteria, and you are still unable to access Fathom forecasting, feel free to reach out to via email or use the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

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