Signing up for the first time

When signing up for a subscription of Fathom for the first time, you are required to input your debit/credit card details in the signup page.

Fathom uses these debit/credit card details to automatically continue your subscription on a monthly basis, based on your current subscription plan.

The user who signs up for the Fathom subscription automatically becomes the Fathom Account Owner. There can only be one account owner per Fathom account.

Managing your billing details

The Fathom Account Owner has exclusive access to managing the subscription and billing details in the Fathom account.

If you need to update the credit card details in your Fathom account for any reason, the Fathom Account Owner can achieve this by logging into Fathom, and clicking in the top right 'Settings (cog icon) > Account/Billing > Credit Card Details'.

Common reasons that would require you to change these billing details in your Fathom account can include:

  • Your credit card has expired

  • You need to change the credit card being billed

  • The Fathom account has changed ownership

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