How do I remove periods?

Removing prior, incomplete, or future periods from a company

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Removing periods

To remove financial periods, go to Step 1: Update Data in the settings for your company. Under the 'Financials' section, there is a link called 'remove periods'. Here, you can remove the prior, incomplete or future periods from your company.

❗ Note: When removing prior periods for Excel, MYOB, or QuickBooks Desktop sourced companies, you will not be able to add the periods back once they are deleted. You will need to delete and re-import the company to add these periods back at a later time. 

Viewing YTD periods 

You can also remove periods to see YTD results to a specific period. For example, if you remove July to December 2018, your YTD results should display as expected (to June).

At any time in the future you can then update and re-import results for these periods, when these periods are ready for analysis. 

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