This article explains some of the common issues you may encounter while running the Fathom Desktop Connector, with accompanying resolutions.  We have a series of troubleshooting steps which may help to easily resolve the situation before you need to contact Fathom support.

Getting up to date

The first thing you should do is make sure you have the most recent version of the desktop connector installed. Usually the Desktop Connector will update itself automatically, but we have encountered corrupted installations in the past.

To do this please open your Windows File Explorer and delete this folder:

C:\Users\{your current username}\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\

This will remove the current copy of the Desktop Connector. After doing this, please login to Fathom and attempt to download and run the Desktop Connector again.  

Desktop Connector has stopped working

Once we are confident you are up to date, we can verify that the Desktop Connector starts properly. An error may present itself that looks similar to this: 

In this case we need to find the error detail from the 'Event Viewer' in Windows. You can start the event viewer by going to 'Start' in Windows and typing 'Event'. Once it has started, go to 'Windows Logs > Application' to see if you can spot any error related to the Desktop Connector. Please copy and paste the detail from this error and send it back to me. Here's a picture showing the 'Event Viewer' and where to get the extra detail.

Instructions related to the Windows Event Viewer can be found here:

Support Log

Once the Desktop Connector has started, we can now attempt to extract data from a company file and upload it to Fathom. If the upload fails for any reason, please send us the 'support log'. Accessing the support log from the desktop connector is simple:

  • Select the 'About' link on the top right.
  • Select the 'Support Log' link from the About window
  • This will open up the support log. Select all the text in the log window, and send it back to us. 

Any other screenshots or detail that you can provide with regards to your environment or that you think may be helpful are also welcome.

When starting the Connector I receive an error stating 'Application Improperly Formatted'

This error is caused by not having the correct .Net Framework version installed. Due to a recent Microsoft update we now require that the computer running the Connector has the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5 installed. Please see the instructions for installation in the requirements section above.

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