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FAQ: Can I create multiple forecasts in Fathom Forecasting?
FAQ: Can I create multiple forecasts in Fathom Forecasting?
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Yes. Once your baseline forecast in the main grid is created, you will be able to layer events and scenarios on top of this. Scenarios can be used to create ‘copies’ of your forecast, to create best and worst case scenarios, or to build out complex plans.

To generate a scenario, you’ll need to navigate to the ‘Thought Bubble’ icon on the left-side bar and select ‘Create Scenario’. Here you will name your scenario, configure the baseline, and determine which microforecasts to apply as well as the timing of these microforecasts in your scenario.

💡Pro Tip: You can choose the main forecast or any other scenario you have already created to set the baseline for a new scenario. This enables you to layer different combinations of rules and microforecasts to new scenarios.

Once you have created the scenario, you will be able to further customize the timing and value rules or to add journals or schedules as needed.

Toggle between scenarios by selecting the scenario from the ‘Thought Bubble’ icon. Selecting a scenario will enable you to make changes to the forecast scenario in the main grid, as well as to adjust the timing of microforecasts in the business roadmap. The scenario that is selected will be visible at the top right of your screen.

Scenarios enable you to maintain multiple forecasts. Any changes in the main forecast’s baseline will be updated in your scenarios (unless there are overridden rules). All dynamic formulas and timing profiles that have not been overridden, will still be linked to the main forecast.

Can I include multiple scenarios in my reports?

Yes. You can include multiple scenarios in Fathom reports, please see the ‘Fathom Forecast in Reports’ article to learn more about reporting components for forecasting.

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