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Auditing your forecast
Balance Sheet Layer Detail - Audit movements in the Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Layer Detail - Audit movements in the Balance Sheet

Audit movements in the Balance Sheet

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Within the Fathom forecast balance sheet, you are able to fully reconcile the running total of a Balance Sheet account within a particular layer (e.g. within the baseline, or within a particular microforecast). Generally balance sheet accounts will carry forward with the same value unless changed.

There are 3 ways that balance sheet accounts change in a Fathom Forecast:

  1. From P&L Accounts

  2. From Balance Sheet schedule lines

  3. From journals (including ‘custom’, ‘auto-payment’ and ‘system’ journals)

These sections are visible in the new Balance Sheet Layer Detail View - which shows movements over time for a single balance sheet account:

  • Opening balance

  • Movements from P&L accounts

  • Movements from schedule lines

  • Movements from journals

  • Closing balance

The ‘Balance Sheet Layer Detail’ grid fully reconciles the opening and closing balance sheet value for a balance sheet account (within a particular layer). This is particularly handy when reconciling accounts like Cash and Accounts Receivable.

Viewing the balance sheet layer detail

To access the balance layer detail:

  1. Navigate to the Balance Sheet in the main grid

  2. Click on a cell for the account you want to audit

  3. From the properties menu that opens on the right, select the Baseline

  4. Click the ‘Magnifying Glass’ icon in the top right corner to view all of the impacts on the account. This audit screen also details custom journals that impact this Balance Sheet account as well as the impact of any schedules that have been set up.

💡Pro Tip: If you select a microforecast associated with the account instead of the ‘Baseline’, you will be taken to the microforecast where you can view all of the movements associated with that particular microforecast.

Balance Sheet Account Detail in a Microforecast

Within a Microforecast we allow you to expand each Balance Sheet account to view the overall impact of items to the closing and opening balances. You can access this view by:

  1. Hovering over the specific balance sheet account in the microforecast

  2. Selecting ‘expand’

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