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Manage two-factor authentication
Manage two-factor authentication

Recover your account and manage authentication device

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Log in using a recovery method

If you can't access your authentication app, you can still log in using one of the alternative recovery methods you configured during the 2FA setup process (SMS or backup email).

  1. Go to and sign in with your username and password.

  2. When you are asked for a code, select 'Recover Account'.

  3. You will automatically be emailed or sent an SMS with a code

  4. Enter the code.

If you can't access your authentication app or have lost the Fathom entry, we recommend you setup 2FA again after logging in with your backup method.

  1. Go to 'Change My Details'

  2. Select 'Disable 2FA'.

Change your recovery method details

To change the recovery questions and answers or alternative email address:

  1. Go to 'Change My Details'

  2. Select 'Disable 2FA'.

  3. Setup 2FA again, entering new details for your recovery methods.

If you're only changing one of the methods, follow the steps above but re-enter the current details for the method that’s staying the same.

Change your authentication device

If you've got a new phone or other authentication device, set it up to generate the 2FA codes for your login. There are a few things to keep in mind when moving 2FA to your new phone, so we've put the instructions in a separate article.

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