You can create reports for any month, quarter (or QTD) or annual (or YTD) period.

New Reports

When creating a report for a QTD or YTD period, you can select the month which concludes the QTD or YTD period. However, you cannot choose the month which commences the QTD or YTD period.

Existing Reports

Alternatively, you can always change the end month within a QTD or YTD report that has already been created. Simply select your desired time period using the cog in the lower left sidebar.

Different date ranges in a single report

Additionally, each element in a report can be configured to present a different period range of data (eg. a KPI Explorer could be displaying the current annual period, and supporting trend charts could show monthly trends). Or, one page of the report could show Cash Flow analysis for the current month, and the next page show Cash Flow analysis for the current YTD period).

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