The ‘Copy Settings’ option located in Step 3 of the company settings allows you to copy the Chart of Accounts layout and settings from one company to another company within your organisation. This allows you to use one company as a template to set the COA settings for a group, or all other companies in your organisation which have a similar Chart of Accounts. 


"Master company": The company where the COA layout is set and being copied from

"Duplicate company": The company which is receiving the COA layout from the Master company

Steps to copy the COA between companies

1. Completely set up the Chart of Accounts layout for one of the companies in your organisation (the Master company). You’ll need to first set up the Chart of Accounts for one of the companies in your organisation. This can include; reclassifying accounts to display in different categories (Expense, COS, etc.), reordering accounts, and creating custom headings. 

For more info on customizing the COA in Fathom, see Step 3: Chart of Accounts.

2. In the company you would like to copy settings to (the Duplicate company), go to Step 3 of the Settings and click “Copy settings from another company” (at the bottom of the page). Once you’ve set up the first company, you’ll be able to copy the settings you’ve just specified over to other companies on your account. To do this, navigate to Settings > Step 3 - Chart of Accounts’ for the duplicate company and click ‘Copy settings from another company’ located at the bottom of the COA, shown here:  

3. Making sure the ‘Chart of Accounts layout’ checkbox is selected, select the Master company from the drop down menu, and click “Copy Settings”. Use the search function to find the Master company within your organisation and select it. Once selected, you can “Copy settings” as long as the ‘Chart of Accounts Layout’ checkbox is selected:

Note: When copying COA settings to a consolidated group, the account classifications in the group will never be changed or affected by the Master company. This is because the account classifications in the consolidation must match the account classifications in that group's underlying companies. Copying accounts from another company or group will not change the account classifications already established for the group.

To learn more about what settings can be copied between companies, see Can I copy settings between companies?

Please let us know if you have any specific questions on how this works!

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