To import data from QuickBooks Desktop, first download and install the Fathom Desktop Connector. This will enable you to extract and upload data from your QuickBooks files (.qbw) without having to manually key data or export data to excel.

For system requirements and other information please see our article on using the Fathom Desktop Connector.

After launching the Desktop Connector, follow these steps to import your company data into Fathom:

  1. Start QuickBooks and open your company file.
  2. Ensure that there are no other company files open and that all dialog boxes in QuickBooks are closed.
  3. Within the Fathom Desktop Connector, click 'Add Files' to select your QuickBooks file. This should be the same file you first opened in QuickBooks.
  4. QuickBooks may ask you to grant permission to the Desktop Connector. You may need to return to the QuickBooks program and grant permission before proceeding.
  5. Your company file is now ready to be imported into Fathom.

Importing Tracking Class Data from QuickBooks Desktop

Fathom allows you to import tracking class data for analysis. You can choose to import tracking classes during the initial import process, and you can also import tracking category class for existing companies. A guide to importing tracking classes from Quickbooks Desktop can be found here: Import Tracking Category Data from QuickBooks Desktop

Which versions of QuickBooks are supported?

The Fathom Desktop Connector will work with any recent version of QuickBooks Desktop from the US, United Kingdom and Canada. We support versions from the current year and the three years prior.

This includes Pro, Premier (all editions), Simple Start & Enterprise Solutions.


Disable 'Show lowest subaccount only' when importing from QuickBooks Enterprise

When you attempt an import from QuickBooks Enterprise you may be required to configure your preferences in QuickBooks first.

Open your QuickBooks file and go to 'Edit > Preferences > Accounting > Company Preferences' and uncheck the 'Show lowest subaccount only' option. Save and close the preferences panel before attempting the import again.

There is a small bug in the Intuit API that is triggered when this checkbox is enabled.

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