Below you'll find details on changes to Fathom pricing as of 1 December 2020. These changes impact upgrades, custom branded portals, and new billing currencies.


Previously, you weren’t able to exceed the included number of companies in your Fathom plan without having to upgrade your subscription. This could mean a significant jump in costs, even when adding just one or two companies. Now, Fathom allows you to add individual companies above the included number in your plan. This is more cost effective when adding a small number of companies. However, for larger numbers it’s still better value to upgrade your plan. Fathom will advise you if there is a better plan you should switch to, and you can review your subscription and change your plan in your Organisation Settings.

Custom Branding add-on

If you wish to replace Fathom branding on the platform with your own brand, you can pay for a custom branding service (also known as white labelling). Previously this was a flat rate cost, but going forward the cost will vary with the level of your Fathom subscription. If you have enabled custom branding on your account, you can see the price points in your local currency by viewing the ‘Change Plan’ page in your Organisation Settings. If you wish to add custom branding to your account, please get in touch with your account manager or email

New currencies

Fathom now accepts payments in the following new currencies: Euro, Canadian dollar, South African rand. These are in addition to our existing currencies: US dollar, Australian dollar, British pound and New Zealand dollar. If you are outside the regions listed, our default charging currency is US dollar.

More information

For more background on the changes, view this pricing update.

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