The Financials by Company component provides a side-by-side breakdown of the underlying consolidations results in a single table. Each column represents a set of financials for a single entity that has been included in the consolidated group. 

Note: The Financials by Company table is only available when creating reports for a consolidated group.

Adding Financials by Company

Financials by Company can be added to a report at the consolidated level. To access, navigate to the ‘Tables & Financials’ section of the Report Editor sidebar. Use the smart text dropdown menu to filter and select the ‘Financials by company’ statement:

Editing Financials by Company

Once added, you can ‘Edit’ the financials by company component to customise the layout of the statement. Click 'Add or change columns' to select up to 20 entities to display in the statement.

You can choose to display the results in two ways:

  • After elimination’. Choosing to 'Show results after elimination’ will cause all underlying company and consolidated totals to display post elimination figures. 

  • Before elimination’. Choosing to 'Show results before elimination', will allow you to see a total ‘Before Eliminations’, the ‘Net Eliminations balance', and a post elimination consolidated 'Total’ column.

Rows can be adjusted to reflect a summary, or multiple levels of detail in the statement layout. To add companies to the statement, click ‘Add or change companies’ and select the companies you’d like to include. 

Note: You are able to add up to 20 companies to the ‘Financials by Company’ table. 

To rearrange the order of columns, simply drag and drop them vertically in the side menu. The order of columns set in the side menu will be represented horizontally within the statement layout. 

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