The Division summary provides a side-by-side breakdown of your division results in a single table. Each column represents a set of financials for each division.

Note: The Division Summary table will ONLY be available for individual companies that have imported divisions from your source accounting system. These include:

  • Tracking categories from Xero

  • Classes & locations from QuickBooks

  • Jobs & categories from MYOB

The division summary IS NOT available for companies without divisions, or for any consolidated groups.

For more information on using divisions in Fathom, view our article for Getting started with divisions.

Adding the Division summary to your report

To add a division summary table into your report, proceed to the sidebar on the left side of the Report Editor and select the ‘Tables and Financials’ tab.

Click on the smart text filter at the top and select 'Financials by Division' from the subsequent dropdown. You can add this table into your report by clicking, or by dragging and dropping.

Editing the Division summary

Once added to your report, hover your mouse over the table and click the 'Edit' pen icon in the top right. You can also double click anywhere on the chart to edit.

This will bring up the properties panel. You will have options to customise:

  • Time period (monthly, quarterly, annual)

  • Financial statement type (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)

  • Columns: Add or remove divisions

  • Rows: Show detailed or summarised results based on CoA headings

To rearrange columns, simply drag and drop them vertically in the side menu using the 'Grid' icon when hovering your mouse. The order of columns set in the side menu will be represented horizontally within the statement layout. 

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