Account Watch KPIs

Gain visibility into the performance of key accounts in your Chart of Accounts by turning them into Account Watch KPIs.

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Account Watch KPIs allow you to track any account from your Chart of Accounts as a key performance indicator in Fathom. Creating an Account Watch KPI will make a key account's results more visible and accessible by pulling the account balance into the Analysis tools as a KPI.

This also allows you to easily compare the performance of a specific account against budget or against target, viewing the account balance, comparative, and variance, all in one place.

Creating Account Watch KPIs

To create an Account Watch KPI, go to Step 4 of the company settings and click ‘Create a KPI’. Then select ‘Account Watch’:

You can then set a Target Type, and Category for the KPI. You will also have the option to add the new KPI to your KPI Library, to be used with other companies or groups:

Note: Custom KPIs can only be created at the individual company level. To use a custom KPI in a consolidated/benchmark group, add it to your KPI library. This option is available to Admin users only. For more information on managing users, please see: User Roles and Permissions.

Using Account Watch KPIs

Once an Account Watch is created, it will automatically become an ‘active’ KPI in Step 4 of the company settings, and will display in the ‘KPIs’ and ‘KPI Explorer’ Analysis tools by default. The KPI result will reflect the ending balance of the underlying account for any period you choose to view.

Account Watch KPI Comparatives

Account Watch KPIs can be compared against target, or against budget. This allows you to see variance vs. the exact budget value imported for an account, or to set a new target for the KPI. To set targets for KPIs, go to Step 5 of the company settings. When setting your targets, you will have the option to use an imported budget to automatically set targets, or set the target manually.

For more information on setting KPI Targets and using the budget to set KPI Targets, see: Step 5: Targets 

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