Customers who have a QuickBooks Online Advanced subscription will receive access to Fathom.

You can connect to Fathom by logging into QuickBooks and going to the 'Reporting' or the 'My Apps' section.


Error: This company is not yet connected

If you have connected Fathom to your QuickBooks Online company in the past you may receive a message like this:

The most likely cause is a previous connection to Fathom which has since expired. To resolve this you should 'Disconnect' Fathom and then re-connect.

  1. Login to QuickBooks for the company in question and go to the 'Apps' tab.

  2. Navigate to Fathom and click 'Disconnect'.

  3. Proceed to the 'Reporting' area in QuickBooks and connect to Fathom again.

If you are not a full access user or was not the original user to make the connection, you may need to take some further steps before you can disconnect. Please see the following article in the Intuit community forums.

If you continue to have problems, please send the company id to

You can find the company id in QuickBooks by hitting 'Ctrl + Alt + ?' on a PC, or 'Control + Option + ?' on a MAC. You can view this article for more detail.

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