Non financial KPI targets

Gain useful insights into the performance of your Non-Financial KPIs for your individual entities or consolidated groups by setting targets

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Before adding targets

Before adding targets for non-financial KPIs, please ensure that you have first created and added results for non-financial KPIs.

For individual companies

When non-financial KPI results are first imported for a company, Fathom will set the default targets to be the average of the results.

For example, if you created a non-financial KPI for 'Conversion %', Fathom would calculate the average of the 'Conversion %' data that was imported into Fathom. That average would be the default KPI. Updating the non-financial KPI results will not cause the default target to be re-calculated.

To change the default non-financial KPI targets for an individual entity, proceed to 'Step 5 - Targets' in the company's settings.

You are able to manually input your non-financial KPI targets in the fields provided. From the dropdown box, you can select to use the same target each month, or different targets each month.

For more detail on setting targets, view our dedicated help article: Step 5 - Targets.

❗ Note: Right now we only allow for manual input of non-financial KPI targets. You're not able to import the data via Excel or any other integrations.

For consolidated groups

First, ensure that any non-financial KPIs have been added to the KPI library. They will then become available in a consolidated group.

The default targets for non-financial KPIs and other custom KPIs in a consolidated group will all be set to '0'.

You can add non-financial KPIs targets for the consolidated group by going to 'Step 5 - Targets' for the consolidated group and manually inputting your targets.

❗Note: Your non financial targets will not automatically flow through from underlying entities by updating the group. You'll need to set them from Step 5 of the consolidated group settings.

For more detail on this process, view our dedicated help article on setting targets in a consolidated group.

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