Before adding targets for non-financial KPIs, please ensure that you have selected or created the non-financial KPIs which are relevant for your business. Go to 'Settings' for a company > In 'Step 4: KPIs' click on the 'Create a KPI' button.

Then, ensure that you have imported or added non-financial results.

You are now ready to add your targets for non-financial KPIs.

For individual entities

When adding targets for non-financial KPIs, you are only able to manually input the data in 'Settings > Step 5 - Targets' for a company.

Note: You are unable to import this data via Excel, or via another method.

For consolidated groups

You must manually input your targets for non-financial KPIs in ' Settings > Step 5 - Targets' for a consolidated group.

Your non financial targets will not automatically flow through from underlying entities by updating the group.

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