QuickBooks Desktop (US, UK & Canada):

Pro, Premier (all editions), Simple Start & Enterprise Solutions
See QuickBooks importing instructions here

โ—Note: Fathom does not work with any version of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

MYOB Desktop (AU & NZ):

  • AccountRight v20 (Essentials, Premier, Plus & Standard)

  • AccountRight v19 (Enterprise, Premier, Plus & Standard)

  • Accounting v18.5, Accounting Plus v18.5, Premier v12.5, Premier Enterprise v6.5

  • Accounting v18, Accounting Plus v18, Premier v12, Premier Enterprise v6

  • Accounting v17, Accounting Plus v17, Premier v11, Premier Enterprise v5

Other Accounting Software:

Fathom also lets you manually import data from any other accounting system via Excel.
See Excel importing instructions here

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