⚠️ Error Alert: If you are unable to download or launch the Fathom Desktop Connector, please go through the troubleshooting steps detailed in the ‘Troubleshooting the Desktop Connector’ article.

Accessing the Support Log

If an error has occurred while you are using the desktop connector, our support team may request that you send us a 'Support Log'.

Accessing the support log from the desktop connector is simple:

  1. Select the 'About' link on the top right.

  2. Select the 'Support Log' link from the About window (see diagram below)

  3. This will open up the support log. Select all the text in the log window, and email this back to support@fathomhq.com

Note: The Desktop Connector only retains information regarding the current instance. This means, if you attempted an import and closed the Desktop Connector without downloading the Support Log first, then you will have lost the information about the failed import. Therefore, you should attempt and import and, if it fails, download the Support Log before closing the Desktop Connector.

Additional knowledge & common questions:

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