Schedules help automate the creation of reports you would produce on a recurring basis, as well as notifying relevant users of this new report. Using this feature, you can automatically create 'draft' or 'published' reports for a single company, or a group of companies. 

Creating a schedule

Click on the 'Create Schedule' button in the Report Centre. Schedules can be configured to run 'x' days after the end of month, quarter or financial year.

Schedules can only be created for Custom Templates. You can select which template you wish to use in the drop-down menu, and choose whether you want to notify user groups via email when a report has been created. 

Notify users via email

You can choose who will be notified when a scheduled report is created, by sending email notifications to different user roles. These include: 

  • Nobody
  • All people
  • 'Viewer' ('Client') and 'Editor' ('Advisor') users only
  • 'Editor' ('Advisor') users only 
  • 'Editor' ('Advisor') and 'Admin' users only
  • 'Admin' users only 

Once a schedule has been run and the report published, the selected users will receive an email notification that links them directly to the report.

Note: Fathom is unable to email the report in PDF version, for security purposes. The email notification is a link to allow users to log in to Fathom, where they will be able to view or download the report.

Editing a Schedule

You can edit the properties and settings of a schedule by opening up the additional menu items. You can access:

  • Settings (ie. update schedule) 
  • Pause / resume
  • Delete
  • View schedule history

Creating a schedule for multiple companies

When creating a schedule, select a template that is shared with a group of companies. Then select the checkbox that applies the schedule to all companies using this template. This will then use the selected template, to automatically create reports for multiple companies at the specified time. 

You can update and make modifications to this schedule, by editing the 'settings' for this schedule. This will edit the template for all companies and groups who are currently using it. 

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