If the consolidation is out of balance, it may be due to underlying companies being out of balance for the period in question.  

By far the best way to troubleshoot a consolidated group is by using the 'Consolidated Financial Results' Excel report. It can be found in the Report Centre under 'Excel Reports'.

This report shows the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet for each company in the consolidation. It has columns that split out any eliminations that are being applied and allows you to see whether the eliminations balance.

The final row in this report is a 'balance check' row, where you can quickly see which entities are out of balance for the current period. In the example below, both companies are out of balance.

Eliminations & multi-currency consolidations

When inter-company accounts are eliminated from the balance sheet in a multi-currency consolidation, this can cause the balance sheet to go out of balance, requiring additional elimination adjustments. 

This is because the exchange rate applied at the time of the transaction typically differs from the month-end exchange rates (for Balance Sheet accounts) applied in Fathom. To account for this, we recommend posting an elimination adjustment against the eliminated account(s) to get things back in balance.

Further instructions can be found in this article: Eliminations for a multi-currency group

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