The integration of Xero HQ and Fathom provides advisors with a streamlined reporting workflow. Reports designed in Fathom can be scheduled for the end of each reporting period. Once the reports are automatically published, links will appear in the Xero HQ activity feed.

How do I connect Fathom to Xero HQ?

  1. Within Fathom, proceed to the top right 'Settings (cog icon) > Organisation Settings).

  2. Select 'Connect to Xero HQ'.

  3. Log in to Xero and select your practice. 

Note: Only an Admin user will be able to connect Fathom to Xero HQ.

Report sharing

When an advisor is finished creating a Fathom report and shares it with a client, a notification is sent to Xero HQ. Anyone in the advisory team can review this report, by clicking on the link within the notification.

Report schedules

When a scheduled report is automatically created in Fathom from a report template, a notification appears in Xero HQ. Anyone in the advisory team can then review this report.

Activity on a report

When a client user comments on a Fathom report, the advisor is notified of this activity. They can then collaborate further if required.

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